About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable, 24-7 primary care services.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY. This is the foundation of all that we do as a company. Through operating with integrity, we protect our greatest asset, which is our reputation.

EXCELLENCE. We are driven to be the best in quality healthcare. We have a genuine passion for providing an exceptional experience for each of our members and our employees.

BETTER. Our goal is to make everything we touch better. We aim to create better health for our members and a better version of a workplace to impact our communities. This is the way we achieve the ability to craft a better story for everyone.

PEOPLE MATTER. Our members matter and our employees matter. We believe in honoring our commitments to our members and to our employees and want to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible.

HIPnation Behaviors

BRING LOVE TO EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH. At the end of every day, it’s the love we bring to others that will stand out in making the company we want to be. Bring the best of ourselves and our love to every interaction.

BE INTENTIONAL. Excellence takes thoughtfulness and being intentional in everything we do. Being the best is never an accident so we are intentional in all we do.

BE OPEN TO LEARN. We are a learning company. We all want to learn so that we can serve others better. We aspire to be inquisitive to learn things that will help us help you, and us, be better.

NO BAD REPORTS. We believe that when we work together to encourage and seek others best in everything we will build a world-changing company. There isn’t much that can derail us more quickly than office gossip or sharing negative things about teammates. We believe in going directly to teammates to discuss issues. Don’t give a bad report and don’t accept one from someone else. Encourage them to go to their teammate to discuss.

FIND A WAY. Always work to find a way. Winners find a way to win and make everything better.

To read more about our story, see the featured article in the Fall 2018 Southern Seasons magazine. The article begins on page 24.