HIPnation Welcomes Dr. Fidelia Osinubi

HIPnation, August 1, 2019

Atlanta, GA–HIPnation proudly welcomes Dr. Fidelia Osinubi to the HIPnation community. Dr. Osinubi is located in the south part of Atlanta, near the airport.

Dr. Osinubi has practiced medicine for over thirty-five years and the last eleven in the state of Georgia as a family physician. Patient care and satisfaction is her passion and goal. She focuses on achieving effective patient care and management through rigorous application of the latest medical knowledge. She strives for the highest standards of care in family medicine.

She has served as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at several medical schools in the training of medical students and is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Morehouse Medical College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Osinubi sees patients of all ages.

About HIPnation

HIPnation is an innovative Atlanta-based healthcare company that provides quality-driven healthcare with 24/7 access to a personal Primary Care Physician. This access is the foundation of their new healthcare ecosystem, redesigned to put insurance only where it is needed, thus reducing total overall healthcare costs and refocusing healthcare on the patient.

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