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Can My Doctor Be Available to Me 24/7?

HIPnation, March 30, 2018

Can My Doctor Be Available to Me 24/7?

It almost sounds too good to be true. I can call my doctor anytime, day or night, 24 hours per day? Before HIPnation, when I called a doctor’s office, they would ‘work me in,’ often many days after I called even though I needed a doctor when I called. Here’s why our office is different than the rest.

The Care Offered by HIPnation

At HIPnation, we’ve rebuilt the way our Primary Care Doctors practice medicine. In today’s broken healthcare system, primary care doctors may care for thousands of patients per year. That means when you see the big file cabinets in doctors’ offices with all those patient charts, any of those patients could call to come in at any time. So, that makes for very busy, long days for most primary care doctors. That’s why in the current system doctors have so little time with you, and it’s hard to get an appointment when you really need it.

Let me assure you that physicians do not like the current insurance-based system! Doctors want to care for patients, but the current broken system is not built for spending much time with patients. HIPnation has changed that! Roswell’s Dr. Bush says, “this is the way medicine is supposed to be, to get to take care of patients when they need our care.” Our doctors care for a maximum of 700 patients. This huge decrease in your doctor’s patient panel now puts you at the center of your healthcare with your doctor. Your doctor has the time to spend with you. Your doctor can have you come into the office on the same day you call if needed! They can also care for you over the phone, or with secure text or video if that is appropriate and more convenient for you. Your doctor is free to care for you based on their professional judgment! And, your doctors love practicing this way! Recently, another Roswell HIPnation MD, Dr. Shaikh said, “I have more joy in medicine now than in the past ten years!”

Contact HIPnation Today

If you would like your doctor to be available the same day you need them by phone, as well as in person, and if not having a co-pay to visit or talk with your primary care doctor seems great, then you will appreciate being part of HIPnation. Contact for more information. Remember to ask about our “Dare to Ask a Doctor” Open Houses or sign-up for better care here.