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HIPnation is Built to Value Time

HIPnation, January 25, 2021

Time is valuable.

This is a common phrase, but how does it relate to healthcare? We often view time spent in healthcare as time wasted—sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen, holding on the phone waiting to schedule an appointment, or anxiously waiting for days to get called back about a medical concern. We should be bothered by this waste of time. But perhaps our greatest frustration should be directed at the lack of quality time with our doctor, time that should be an investment that improves our personal health and wellness.

There’s only so much time to go around.

Unfortunately, today’s poorly structured healthcare system consumes valuable time. Insurance companies and government regulations have made it really expensive to run a medical practice. The only way for physicians to keep up is to see more and more patients. As a result, time for each patient decreases. And when a physician sees a patient, studies show that the physician ends up spending more time documenting and billing the visit than actually speaking with the patient.

Time is a foundational element of great medical care.

It takes time to build relationships. We know this from our daily lives. We invest time in our friendships and families. Doing so allows us to fully engage in and positively influence the lives of people we care about. Medicine is no different. The more time physicians can take getting to truly know their patients, the better advice and treatment they can provide.

HIPnation is built to value time.

HIPnation is intentionally different. We removed insurance companies from our offices. This decreases our overhead costs and rids our practices of the many meaningless tasks that steal valuable time. Our physicians now have the freedom to care for so many fewer patients. This provides the time for 45 – 90 minute appointments, unlimited office visits, and telecommunication tools that further enhance our ability to provide great care focused exclusively on our patients.

Time invested in your health is time well spent.

Studies show that people who invest time in great primary care live longer, happier, and healthier lives. At HIPnation, our goal is to enhance the value of your time to maximize your healthy returns.