Business Radio X with Angela Blackwell

HIPnation, October 30, 2018

Angela Blackwell/Dekalb Office

Since its birth in 1952, DeKalb Office has emerged into a creative, knowledgeable and collaborative industry leader providing innovative workplace solutions to a diverse client base. Spanning a variety of markets including corporate, healthcare and education, DeKalb Office serves some of the nation’s top corporations, hospitals and medical centers, colleges and universities, as well as private businesses large and small.

Facing challenges within your workplace? Looking to extend the value of your existing furniture? Preparing for a move? DeKalb Office has a painless way of accomplishing complicated goals. They work extraordinarily hard, invest in themselves and put faith in both proven methods and cutting-edge innovation. That’s who they are. Their greatest return is the honor of being the partner of choice for a continuously growing number of clients in the Southeast.

Dr. Brian Hill & Dr. Truc Nguyen/HIPnation

HIPnation is an Atlanta-based healthcare company that delivers an innovative healthcare solution to provide high-quality, affordable, patient-centered care. The model is founded upon a simple concept that produces a radical change – replace insurance in the primary care office with a membership-based approach. This single step removes the cost burden and distraction of insurance, refocuses healthcare on the patient, and provides 24/7 access to a personal Primary Care Physician. The model is further enhanced with significantly reduced cash rates for labs, imaging, medications, specialist consultations and outpatient surgical procedures. This combination leads to a lower cost, price transparent ecosystem for outpatient healthcare. This model can then be paired with lower cost health insurance products designed to cover those rare, high-cost healthcare events, thus placing insurance in its proper role. This healthcare ecosystem redesign reduces total overall healthcare costs, improves the quality of care, and promotes innovation in healthcare delivery while placing the patient in the center of healthcare.

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