While the rest of this website is us sharing information with you, these reviews are you sharing with us. We provide a HIPnation personal Primary Care Physician who wants to help you reach your healthcare goals. With 24/7 access to your doctor, who is supported by a team of specialists, labs, pharmacies, here are what our members are saying.

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by patricia stern on HIPnation
HipNation Provides First Aid to the Health Care system

As anyone who has tried to use it knows, the U.S. healthcare system is in chaos. Managed care, Pharma, and big institutional providers now dominate the landscape and are difficult to navigate. Despite these challenges, Dr. Herrera has always done a good job caring for my husband and I who are long term (nearly 20 years!) patients of his. The last year has brought major healthcare challenges to our family with both a cancer scare and a major heart attack and bypass surgery. The accessibility and administrative support provided by Dr. Herrera, along with help interpreting specialist reports and tests has been a huge help in making this a manageable process. I believe the HIPNation model removes a lot of the barriers to care that are now embedded in the system and this, in turn, lets Dr. Herrera and his staff engage in the kind of high-touch high quality medical care that we all want.

by Eric Seidel on HIPnation
My HipNation Experience

After more than a decade with my internist, he moved over to HIPnation. I wanted to maintain that doctor-patient relationship and investigated this new quasi-concierge practice. It all made sense, especially since I'm covered by Medicare for catastrophic and other costs. The $100/month fee is a reasonable cost for the easy access to my doctor by phone, email, text or in his office. This is a relationship he could not provide because his former practice saddled him with so many patients, he had much less time for each individual. Also, I now can easily provide him with all the results and updates of tests and examinations by specific medical experts I see by using the HIPnation online port. This is a hub and spoke-like process that reminds me of my terrific experience at the Mayo Clinic. Having my internist as a primary physician who has access to everything in my medical life and can help direct me accordingly. I'm very happy with this arrangement and the fact I've been able to keep my primary doctor.

by Jeff Z. on HIPnation
Dr. Robert Herrera is Excellent!

Dr. Robert Herrera has been my primary care physician for years. My experience with him as a patient has always been extremely positive. He is smart, knowledgeable, and caring. Prior to joining HIPNation, when part of a busting medical practice, Dr. Herrera would always take time to listen and talk to me. The HIPNation experience with Dr. Herrera is even better. As a patient it seems as though all the red-tape, paperwork, and time constraints of the old medical system have been removed. Just one example: Prescription refills, which in the past might take several attempts, phone calls, and people to go through (before Dr. Herrera was able to get involved somewhere in the mix) are now filled almost immediately. My last visit to Dr. Herrera at HIPNation was like a visit at his or my home - very relaxing, unhurried, and positive. Recently, I called his office with a health concern and learned he was attending a medical conference. Despite this, Dr. Herrera called me back from the conference and was able to address my concern over the phone. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Herrera and HIPNation!

by Jonathan P. on HIPnation
Fantastic care with Dr. Brown!

I was sick and not getting better. I called the office and they got me in right away. The team treated me as if I was the only patient they had in their practice! Dr. Brown was amazing! He listens and pays attention; he truly cares! I have never experienced this type of care before.

by Janis Dial on HIPnation
Wonderful Doctor

Dr. Robert Herrera is a caring, skilled, diagnostician. He has met my health needs and challenges adeptly for years. His availability with HIP Nation and expertise make him my choice as primary physician.

by Karen Sytsma on HIPnation
Excellent care

I've had 2 visits with Dr Herrera. The first was a "get-to-know-you" visit that lasted 45 minutes. Every question I had was answered and Dr Herrera introduced himself and his philosophy of practice to me. About 2 weeks later I scheduled my annual well check. I was taken back on time, treated professionally, thoroughly and patiently. No rush. It's the most thorough exam I have had in years. A few days after, I received the results of my lab work. I've communicated several times since then and have always gotten surprisingly quick responses. I love it and am glad to have a physician who has the time and seems to enjoy taking the time to really get to know me, his patient.

by Will L. on HIPnation
Awesome - What a relationship patient-doctor should be

It has been only me and my family fist visits but liked it a lot.
I was tired of the unavailable and impersonal relationship model of my previous Dr that at most spent with us 2 secs at best because he had thousands of patients. Most of my previous communication was really through only the nurses.

by Vicki on HIPnation

Dr Herrera takes time getting to know you. He is very thorough and likable.

by Ronald Salzano on HIPnation
Dr Herrera

I started with HIPnation and Dr Herrera after recently moving to Atlanta. It is a great comfort to me to have found such a professional. I am very satisfied with this incredible program.

by Roger H on HIPnation

Dr. Herrera has been my physician for years and I am delighted he joined HIPNation. The service and accessibility far exceed his prior affiliations.

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Cindy Trimble, ASID

The future of medical care in America! what a great experience, across the board. Love Dr. Bush and her team. Very supportive & informative.


Erica M.

This was my first visit, but so far, I love Dr. Bush. She is very thorough and comprehensive and compassionate.


Sharon Robbyn

Yes, I’ve always had the best results with HIPnation


Sharon Peterson

Excellent service from my physician, Dr Ayesha Shaikh, and HIPnation!



Dr. Shaikh not only completed my sports physical, but asked about my classes, my nutrition, my social life, and about my possible career path. She’s extremely kind and offered great advice.