Who is in the exam room with you and your doctor?

Healthcare is about the relationship and care between you and your doctor. Sadly, the current systems puts ‘others’ in the exam room with you and your doctor. HIPnation has a better way—so then it’s just you and your doctor.

Dana Barrett Show interview

A radio personality and keynote speaker/moderator for companies including Porsche, AT&T, and the Atlanta Braves, Dana Barrett interviews HIPnation CEO Will Hall and is ready to sign-up for HIPnation.

The Cost Comparison: Jack & Jill

While the current insurance based system is really-complex, see a simplified explanation why the solution to the BROKEN system is HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM.  Check out Jack and Jill’s experience.

How HIPnation Works

No co-pays?  No deductible? 24/7 access to your personal physician?   This overview explains how HIPnation works and why you’ll want your own concierge-style personal physician and be part of ‘the nation.’

What Does 24/7 Access to my HIPnation Primary Care Physician Really Mean?