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We are called to CARE.

We show care through our commitment to your good health.

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The HIPnation Story

Healthcare as it should be

Our founders share a belief that we are called to love and care for others. A great way to do that is through medicine. So we designed a better healthcare system with a special group of doctors and caregivers who share the desire to truly help make people better. We love our members by providing them great doctors who are freed up to focus on their patients and not focused on a system that has forgotten about them. Let us show you what it’s like to be cared for by doctors who love you and want to make you better.

Why choose HIPnation?

Better Care

With HIPnation you get your own personal doctor, focusing on you instead of insurance.

Lower Cost

When insurance is put in its proper place, your healthcare becomes less expensive.

How HIPnation Works

As a member, you will have your own personal HIPnation physician who has time to spend on you. Our Primary Care Physicians have up to 75% fewer patients than most. And if you need to see a specialist or other type of medical caregiver, we have an entire community available to provide excellent care at a lower cost.

We can help you pair your HIPnation membership with an insurance plan that works best for you. Since most of healthcare can be managed in primary care, these insurance products are now less expensive.

HIPnation Highlights

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Find out how HIPnation is helping provide better healthcare and helping those in need in the metro Atlanta area.

The HIPnation Solution

Herman Cain says, “This is the best solution I have seen for healthcare in 30 years.”

Who is Going to Fix Healthcare?

Founder Dr. Brian Hill talks healthcare reform with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.