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Healthcare. Intentionally Different.

We are a new delivery model that keeps you healthier and saves you money.

Drop your expensive health insurance.

You deserve a better healthcare solution. Join anytime.

Same Thinking Same Result

Brian Hill

We are a new delivery model that keeps you healthier.

We are a total healthcare solution developed by physicians and designed for the personalized relationship.

And you actually save money.

We remove all the middlemen who drive up costs and add no value.

3D-Machine: Their HIPnation Story

Owner Greg Richardson and General Manager Chuck Wolf discuss life as small business owners and how HIPnation saved them money and improved the quality of healthcare for their employees.


Our Solutions



Unlimited, all-accessible primary care with no copays. Physician-built cost sharing for large healthcare costs.

Solutions start at $327 per person, per month.




Employees and employers are losing in the current system. We’ve pioneered a better model.

Solutions start at $329 per person, per month.




An option for individuals with traditional insurance or Medicare who are looking for concierge-style, unlimited, all-accessible primary care with no copays.

$65 (under 18), $110 (18+) per person, per month.



Healthcare as it should be.

A New Healthcare Experience

Frankly, I was becoming frustrated with navigating the healthcare maze. More and more it felt as if I was falling through the cracks in a bureaucratic system. I was no longer a person, but a number. The fact is I was having to take charge of getting the care I needed and it left with me a feeling ill-equipped, wondering if I was going about it in the right way. It’s like being in a boat with no captain. My initial appointment was two hours and it was the most constructive and thorough session I have ever had with a doctor. My boat now has a captain to steer it, and it is relieving and satisfying to know I’m not alone in unchartered water. I highly recommend utilizing this new concept in health medicine.

– By S.G., Member since 2020

Great Doctor-Patient Relationship

We have been with HIPnation for a year now and our experience has been great! Our doctors spend as much time with us as we need to fully understand our health and treatment plans. It is refreshing to have Doctors making decisions on our behalf instead of insurance companies. It is a unique medical experience with HIPnation and I recommend them to anyone looking for great healthcare!

– By K.R., Member since 2019

HIPnation Provides First Aid To The Healthcare System

As anyone who has tried to use it knows, the U.S. healthcare system is in chaos. Managed care, Pharma, and big institutional providers now dominate the landscape and are difficult to navigate. The last year brought major healthcare challenges to our family with both a cancer scare and a heart attack and bypass surgery. The accessibility and administrative support provided by our HIPnation doctor, along with help interpreting specialist reports and tests has been a huge help in making this a manageable process. I believe the HIPnation model removes a lot of the barriers to care that are now embedded in the system and this, in turn, lets our HIPnation doctor and his staff engage in the kind of high-touch high quality medical care that we all want.

– By P.S., Member since 2018

Employers Saving with HIPnation