Intentionally Different

Drop your expensive health insurance.

It’s time for a better healthcare solution. And you can enroll anytime.

Dr. Brian Hill
Founder & CEO

We are a new delivery model that keeps you healthier.

We are a total healthcare solution developed by physicians and designed for the relationship.

And we actually save you money.

We remove all the middlemen who drive up costs and add no value.

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The HIPnation Solution

Access to Your Doctor

This is a personal one-to-one
relationship with your doctor
who is available for you. Same
day/next day appointments for
acute care. Treatment via virtual
appointments using phone, text,
or telemedicine.

Less Costs

Your monthly payments are less. No
primary care copays. 90% off labs.
30-60% less for imaging and specialty
care. Better primary care means less
unnecessary referrals and testing.

Focus on You

If we are going to treat you well, then we
need to get to know you. Healthcare isn’t
about prescribing medications and
spending 7 minutes with your doctor.
You’ll spend 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours
with your doctor so they can completely
treat the whole you.

Peace of Mind

Individually designed solutions
to help manage large healthcare

Individual Solution

Unlimited, all-accessible primary care with no copays. Cost sharing or indemnity products for large healthcare costs.

starts at
per person, per month
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Employer Solution

Unlimited, all-accessible primary care with no copays. Choose cost sharing or self-funding.

starts at
per employee, per month
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Direct Primary Care

Unlimited, all-accessible primary care with no copays. Concierge-style medicine.

per person, per month
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Healthcare as it should be.

Quality Care, Lower Costs

HIPnation offers a wonderful new approach to primary healthcare without the dredges of overpriced health insurance. I had my physical today and learned more than any other physician has told me in years. I spend a fraction of what I spent with traditional health insurance.

- HIPnation Member L.M.
My Doctor “Travels With Me"

My HIPnation doctor is great. I had an ear infection while traveling. I texted her and she immediately called to discuss symptoms, set up an antibiotic with the nearest pharmacy and I was on the mend.
I cannot praise HIPnation enough. Love my medical care!

- HIPnation Member M.S.
Remote Access Rocks!

When I was preparing for my recent trip to India, my doctor consulted with me for over 30 minutes by phone (no need for a face-to-face appointment!), researched my medication needs based on the area I would actually be traveling, and called in the prescriptions to my pharmacy. This is the way healthcare SHOULD be!

- HIPnation Member M.O.

Employers Saving with HIPnation

HIPnation Highlights

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