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A Complete HIPnation Employer Solution is Now Available

Atlanta, GA—HIPnation now has a full employer solution for businesses seeking a way to reduce overall healthcare spend and increase the quality of care for their employees. Our HIPnation solution provides employers with the opportunity for better overall company performance, lower absenteeism, decreased employee stress, improved employee morale, and convenient access to care.

Will Hall, CEO of HIPnation said, “It’s time to make benefits truly beneficial.”

With the HIPnation solution, you take a portion of premiums, create a company fund, and use this fund to provide benefits to your employees. All unspent dollars in the fund will stay with your company at the end of the year.

The risk is capped at the premium, just like with a traditional fully-insured plan. Stop loss ensures your company is safe in the event of a high-cost health event for one or more employees.

Dr. Brian Hill, Founder and Chief Medical Officer said, “For true savings in healthcare, two things must be addressed: improper over utilization and actual prices. 60-80% of healthcare can be managed by a HIPnation Primary Care Physician. That’s the proper care in the proper setting at the proper price. And when employees do need to engage outside of primary care, we have low, HIPnation-negotiated True Cost rates for specialty services, labs, and imaging. All of this means less spend for your employee and more total savings for the company.”

There is an opportunity for a healthcare strategy. See more at or call us today at 888-676-6007 to discuss options.