HIPnation Hits The Airwaves

HIPnation, June 17, 2021

Atlanta, GA–CEO Dr. Brian Hill was featured on June 17th’s broadcast of “The Doctor’s Lounge” on America’s Web Radio. He was joined by the founder of Sedera, Tony Dale, and interviewed by one of HIPnation’s Founders, Hal Scherz.

Overview From America’s Web Radio:
The future of healthcare hangs in the balance. Will we adopt a government run system or forge a path of individual, decentralized care in the free market principles of traditional America?

Two physician entrepreneurs leading the vanguard of free market healthcare companies driving down costs while increasing care join host Hal Scherz, MD in The Doctor’s Lounge.

Tony Dale, CEO of Sedera Health, and Brian Hill, CEO of HIPnation, both have served on the front lines of patient care and successfully forged a path in the free market to build successful healthcare companies.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

About HIPnation

HIPnation is an innovative Atlanta-based healthcare company that provides quality-driven healthcare with 24/7 access to a personal Primary Care Physician. This access is the foundation of their new healthcare ecosystem, redesigned to put insurance only where it is needed, thus reducing total overall healthcare costs and refocusing healthcare on the patient.

To learn more, go to www.HIPnation.com.