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HIPnation Scores 100 With First Net Promoter Scores

Atlanta, GA—HIPnation scores big! HIPnation’s Dr. Robert Herrera, Dr. Dwana Bush, and Dr. Ayesha Shaikh have been providing physicals for Executive Health Exams (EHE Health) since February 2019. Scores are considered high if a company reaches a 70 out of 100. We scored 100 on our first round.

The Net Promoter Score is a customer satisfaction, customer experience and loyalty indicator that measures the likelihood of customers to recommend a company, product or service to a friend or colleague. Many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, use it to keep track of their customer loyalty and retention. NPS scores do vary across different industries, but generally anything over a 0 is considered good, anything over 50 is considered excellent, and anything over 70 is qualified as exceptional.

Congratulations to our great physicians for providing top quality HIPnation healthcare!