HIPnation Welcomes Our Newest Partner: Tampa Bay Direct Care Network

HIPnation, August 27, 2020

Atlanta, GA–HIPnation is pleased to announce the partnership with Tampa Bay Direct Care Network, founded by Dr. Eric Crall.

After the ACA was passed, Dr. Crall began to notice that it was becoming increasingly onerous to practice as a physician in the current healthcare system. As such, Dr. Crall began his plans to become a DPC (Direct Primary Care) physician and started his own DPC practice in July 2014.  In July 2016 Dr. Crall launched the Tampa Bay Direct Care Network.

With the partnership with Tampa Bay Direct Care Network, HIPnation now offers 18 Primary Care Providers in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.

Dr. Brian Hill, Founder and CEO of HIPnation, said, “We’re pleased to be able to offer the HIPnation solution in Florida so Floridians have the opportunity to experience what it is like for a doctor to be able to provide such high-quality, high-touch healthcare in the DPC environment.”

For a complete list of Primary Care Providers in Florida, click here.

About HIPnation

HIPnation is an innovative Atlanta-based healthcare company that provides quality-driven healthcare with 24/7 access to a personal Primary Care Physician. This access is the foundation of their new healthcare ecosystem, redesigned to put insurance only where it is needed, thus reducing total overall healthcare costs and refocusing healthcare on the patient.

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