Relentless premium increases and rising deductibles
shouldn’t be the norm.

You shouldn’t have to weigh the health of your business
against the health of your employees.

Innovatively Developed

We can be as an innovative as you want to be. Review our solutions and then call us.

HIPnation + Sedera (cost-sharing)

  • Companies looking to save the most (up to 60%)
  • Joining a like-minded community focused on health
  • Willingness to think differently with a conscientious view of spending healthcare dollars
  • Best for those without high-cost medical conditions

HIPnation + Sedera (cost-sharing) with ICHRA

  • Companies looking to save up to 40%
  • Joining a like-minded community focused on health
  • Willingness to think differently with a conscientious view of spending healthcare dollars
  • Able to manage all high-cost medical conditions

HIPnation + Level Funded

  • Looks more like traditional insurance (but with savings up to 30%)
  • Creativity in plan design to personalize for your company
  • Underwritten (you will need to do health questionnaires)
  • 100% of insurance premiums, if unused, will be returned to you

HIPnation DPC Wellness

  • Companies who cannot afford insurance but want to provide a valuable healthcare service to their employees
  • Companies with a traditional high-deductible plan that want to provide an opportunity for employees to access high-touch, value-driven healthcare
  • Companies with high healthcare costs looking to more effectively increase employee engagement and wellness

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Individually Designed

Every company is unique.

We will partner with you to evaluate cost saving opportunities and how you want to approach your healthcare solution. A short call is needed to determine your best course of action.

Please contact us at 888-676-6007 or email us at info@HIPnation.com.



Healthcare as it should be.

Love My New Doctor

My doctor spent 1 ½ hours with me reviewing everything from personal and family issues to health issues. She made me feel special and important immediately! It’s easy to get in touch with her via the web portal or the app on my phone. Our medications are even less expensive. I’m absolutely thrilled with our move to HIPnation.

– L.H., Wife of M3 Millennium President

Real Savings

Switching to HIPnation has slashed our cost of providing healthcare coverage for our employees. This has allowed us to bring on 3 more employees while reducing our overall cost by 60% from the previous year!

– Kevin Austin, Founder & CEO, ONEtechnology

Remote Access is a Must Today

My son was sick at college with a sinus infection & our HIPnation doctor was able to diagnose him and have a prescription ready that he was able to pick up between classes. I had a horrible earache on a Saturday. My HIPnation doctor diagnosed me and was able to get me an effective treatment on the weekend so that I was ready to go to work on Monday.

– Jason Smith, Founder & CEO, iStaff

Employers Saving
with HIPnation

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