Healthier Employees, Healthier Workplace

Imagine a better way.


Give your employees the gift of a patient-first health benefit where the personalized doctor-patient relationship means exceptional care for each of your employees.

Convenient. On-demand. Quality care. 24/7 access via phone, secure message text, or video.

And cost savings that truly impact your bottom line.

Healthier Employees

Studies show that patients with access to a personal 24/7 Primary Care Physician experience:

  • 35% fewer hospitalizations
  • 65% fewer emergency room visits
  • 66% fewer specialist visits
  • 82% fewer surgeries
Leigh Page, “The Rise and Further Rise of Concierge Medicine,” BMJ 2013;347:f6465


Quality Matters.

Our HIPnation Primary Care Physicians have the time for long appointments—understanding that true health is not just addressing the physical health, but mental health, emotional well-being, financial health, and relationships.

Time Matters.

Our HIPnation Primary Care Physicians are empowered with a team of HIPnation-affiliated specialists available to answer specialized questions. This means your employee may not need to take the time to actually visit a specialist. Our HIPnation Primary Care Physician may be able to manage that care or prevent unnecessary visits to an urgent care facility or ER. We’re a community of physicians coming together to provide better care—we are not managed care.

No long waits to see a physician—get it diagnosed, treated, and get on with life.

Convenience Matters.

Your employees can contact their HIPnation Primary Care Physician whenever and however they need to, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. No need to fight traffic or take time out of work just to get some medical care. This ease of use and flexibility means less missed work and more productivity.

A Better Value

The current health insurance-based system is failing both employers and their employees.

  • Rising premiums for less benefits
  • Higher costs requiring employee contributions
  • Employees avoid care because of high copays and extremely high deductibles
  • Failed health-improvement programs that return little value

You have options.

When you add HIPnation to an indemnity plan, a medical sharing plan, a level-funded plan, or a self-funded plan, you get lower cost and better care.

We’ll work with you to design the plan that works best for you and your employees.

Here’s how we help your employees.

Everybody gets a personal HIPnation Primary Care Physician dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of your employee. It’s like you’re giving every employee a doctor in the family.

Our Primary Care Physicians are available when needed, better able to manage chronic issues, and often prevent unnecessary visits to a specialists, urgent care, or Emergency Rooms.

Healthier and happier employees. Less absenteeism. More productivity.

Imagine the difference.

How We Work

HIPnation is an innovative healthcare delivery solution pioneered by physicians and other healthcare leaders to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare. We removed the excessive cost burden of insurance from the delivery of routine medical care and replaced it with a membership model. A simple move that leads to drastic cost savings and improvement in the quality of care.

Exceptional Primary Care.

The cost of membership is $100 per person, per month, which provides:

  • 24/7 access to a HIPnation Primary Care Physician via phone, secure message text, or video
  • No primary care physician copays or deductibles
  • Prevention and wellness
  • Sick visits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Nutrition and dietary support
  • A community of specialists supporting your HIPnation Primary Care Physician to answer more specialized medical questions

Reduced Rates.

We applied this simple concept of removing the insurance burden to the rest of outpatient care—labs, imaging, specialty visits and procedures now become significantly less expensive.

Wrap it With Protection Plan.

We can help you pair HIPnation’s high-quality, low-cost healthcare ecosystem with an indemnity plan, medical sharing plan, level-funded, or self-funded plan.

Enjoy great healthcare without the worry.

Imagine getting all of this for up to 30% less.

To read the in-depth analysis with supporting data for the direct pay care system, click here.

Employer Brochure

HIPnation Employer Information in downloadable PDF.