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Direct Primary Care.

It’s like having a doctor in the family.

What is Direct Primary Care?

The DPC model was created to allow for a singular focus upon the Primary Care Physician-patient relationship. To achieve this, DPC removes the hassles and overhead expenses created by insurance and replaces it with a fixed monthly membership fee. This simplified approach frees the physician from meaningless paperwork and allows them to only see 8-10 patients a day. This level of personalize engagement allows them to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship with each patient.

The value of DPC extends beyond the value of the relationship; there is also a financial impact. When Primary Care Physicians have the time, they are able to handle 60-80% of your healthcare needs. Patients who have access to a Direct Primary Care Physician are healthier and less likely to need higher costs of healthcare. Studies show these patients experience:

  • 66% fewer specialist visits
  • 65% fewer ER visits
  • 82% fewer surgeries
  • 35% fewer hospitalizations

What is HIPnation DPC?

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Call, text, or use our telemedicine app
  • Same day, next day urgent appointments
  • No insurance, no copays
  • Use of HIPnation Membership app
  • Annual HIPnation Health Risk Assessment (questionnaire and analysis)

Membership with HIPnation DPC is $110 a month (ages 18+) and $65 a month (17 and under).

There is no enrollment fee; however, we do have a 6-month commitment requirement.

More Time

Your first visit will be 60-90 minutes long. This gives your doctor the opportunity to learn about your diet, your stressors, your sleep patterns, your relationships, your work-life balance—all those things that actually affect your well being.


Same day or next appointments for acute care. No copays.

Remote Access

Call, text, or use our telemedicine app with your doctor at any time.

Better Health Outcomes

We partner with you to find the root cause of your medical issues. With a focus on diet and nutrition, weight management, stress management, and work-life balance, this kind of healthcare positively improves your long-term wellness.

An Advocate for You

When you need somebody to be there for you, it’s best to have someone who knows you. Your HIPnation doctor can suggest the best services for you outside of primary care—and then help you navigate the healthcare system.

More Than Just a Pill

Sometimes medications are necessary, but too often they don’t solve the real problem. 88 million people in the US are pre-diabetic. This is associated with heart disease, stroke, and early death. Is this really due to lack of a pill?

Annual HIPnation Health Risk Assessment Survey

Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a questionnaire that you can complete prior to your wellness exam. Since multiple factors play into your health and wellness, this survey focuses on a variety of elements including:

  • Physical health
  • Mental, emotional, and social health
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Substance use
  • Safety
  • Life balance give & take

We plot your answers into our 360 Whole Person graph, which allows you and your doctor to focus on areas where there is opportunity for improvement in health and prevention for potential future sickness.

We then create a wellness program specifically designed for you with measurable ways to trend over time.


Healthcare as it should be.

Personalized and Accessible

I discovered a UTI coming on Saturday and called my doctor to discuss a plan to allow my body to fight it off naturally. By Monday, however, I was feeling worse so I texted Dr. Bush. Her office called me immediately and I was in seeing her within two hours. I picked up my antibiotic and 24 hours later I felt like a new woman! How refreshing to have such personalized and accessible healthcare.

– HIPnation Member, D.N.

Better Health Outcomes

Dr. Herrera is the best care experience I have ever had. My annual wellness visits are comprehensive and Dr. Herrera’s care strategy educates me so I follow the best plan and treatment. In the two years I have been with HIPnation, I have lost weight (21 lbs), significantly improved my overall health, and have more energy than ever before.

– HIPnation Member, J.B.

Working Together To Lower My Sugar

I just recently joined and I must say that I am very impressed and pleased. I am a diabetic under the care of Dr. Shaikh. I can text her my fasting blood sugar readings and she in turn will help me determine my dosage. We work together to get the results we both want. I feel really connected to my physician.

– HIPnation Member, R.L.